chainsaw juggler

This zero preparation activity requires no materials either, so you might feel relieved there is no need to have a set of chainsaws or to juggle for that matter.

A few days ago I happened to be working on a double-page spread from the adopted textbook headed “Are you a risk taker?” So before diving into the textbook material, I decided to give my students this warmer activity: Can you think of risky actions starting with the first letter of your name? Jorge seemed to come up with the class favourite answer: juggling chainsaws! My answer was “driving under the influence”. So we could be using this activity for any discussion issue of your choice, such as:

  • Things to spend your pocket money on
  • Ways of cooking food
  • Irritating things
  • Ways to cheat in an exam
  • Things to do while visiting a city

It also occurred to me that we could use this idea to explore word collocations as well. So we could focus on a word and see if the students may come up with collocates starting with the first letter of their names.  Then we can open online collocation tools or dictionaries such as just-the-word or the Oxford Collocation Dictionary and check (read this very useful post on lexical tools from Leo Selivan’s blog Leoxicon) As this post is nearing its end, can you think of collocates for the word “end” starting with the first letter of your name? I got two with mine: “dead end” and “draw to an end”.

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