top three posts of 2017

Another year over… In this last post of 2017 I will be highlighting the top three posts of the year according to the number of visits in reverse order. Click on the images to read the full posts.

At number 3 Word Challenge 2. In Word Challenge 2 students look for words and expressions they are curious about related to a given topic and then create their own conversation questions using them. A productive vocabulary activity leading to speaking.


At number 2 Mad Lib Theater. A listening activity leading to students reading out their own texts to put up a short play. Photocopiable materials are provided.


At number 1 and most popular  is Dictation 2. A dictation with a twist that incorporates Twitter as a language corpus. Students sieve through tweets and then build mini dialogues around them. This activity combines listening, reading and writing. Highly engaging and productive.apuntes

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