phrasal verbs 3

This is the third and last post on the series of phrasal verbs. In this final activity the focus is on writing. The students will be consolidating the newly acquired vocabulary through writing short news stories. This activity can take place in the classroom but if you have already done any of the suggested classroom activities under the headings phrasal verbs 1, phrasal verbs 2, or phrasal verbs 4,  it might be a good idea to set this as homework for reinforcement.

Once again, here is the list of ten phrasal verbs that I would want to revise with my Upper-Intermediate students. You will be creating your own list or selecting lexis from your coursebook series or a handout. Choose about ten items.

  • 1. run after: chase (police running after a thief)
  • 2. run around: be busy with many activities (a waiter running around all night)
  • 3. run away: escape (a thief running away from the police)
  • 4. run into: meet or find accidentally (run into an old friend)
  • 5. run off: print (run off 25 copies)
  • 6. run out of: no more left (to run out of milk)
  • 7. run over: hit (a car running over a pedestrian)
  • 8. run through: practice, rehearse (run through a song)
  • 9. run to: amount to (as in the bill ran to two hundred euros)
  • 10. run up: gather (run up huge debts)

In the previous activities the students produced drawings to illustrate the meaning of the vocabulary above. Tell the students to choose one drawing and write a short news story where the phrasal verb is used as part of the headline or in the story itself. They will be using the drawing to illustrate the story. The length of the story should be 50-100 words.

There are various formats at hand. They can get the piece of paper with the drawing, glue it to bigger piece of paper and write the story with a pen. Then you would be collecting the stories from the students and would be pinning them to a noticeboard. Or you can create a Google Doc, share the link and they can either scan the drawing (or take a photo of it), paste it onto the collaborative document and type the text. Alternatively, they can find a photo on the Internet that can be used to illustrate the phrasal verb and use it. IMG_20180118_173408

the bill ran to 87 euros

The final product would look something like this.


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