who’s the most famous person on your phone?

This is a very curious question that will surely prompt interest and participation amongst your learners. You may use this as an icebreaker to kick off your lesson or as part of a more elaborate plan by introducing useful expressions for the task.

Ask your class if they have ever met a famous person. Then ask them if they ever exchanged any words with them. What did you ask them? What did they say? Did you take a selfie with them? Where were you? etc.

Now ask them who is the most famous person on their phone; not meaning if they have a photo of that person but the question is rather directed at who their most famous person on their contact list is. Give them a few minutes to decide and to think about what information they can share about the person.

In the meantime, you can write or display these questions on the board.

  • How well do you know this person?
  • How well do other people know him/her?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • How did you meet or how do you know each other?
  • How often do you talk or chat on the phone or see him/her?
  • If you see each other, what kinds of things do you do together?
  • What is his/her profession?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how “famous” is he/she?
  • Why is he/she “famous” for?
  • What is his/her greatest achievement?
  • What is his/her major flaw?


Pair off your students and let them have a look at the questions on the board. These are just questions meant to help them out but they are also free to talk about other aspects they may think interesting or relevant. Have your students work in pairs and tell each other about the most famous person on their phone.

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