reading frenzy 2

In this short blog post I will share with you another alternative way to exploit reading passages. This time the students create questions for the text. Write on the board:

  • what
  • which
  • where
  • why
  • when
  • who
  • how

Then tell the students to look at the reading passage and try to write questions about the text on a piece of paper using those question words. Give them about eight minutes. I will be using the same sample text from the previous blog post reading frenzy 1.

Amancio Ortega

Personal Best Pre-Intermediate B1, Richmond Publishing. Free sample available from publisher here

These are some of the text-based questions that the students might think of:

  • What did Amancio Ortega’s mother use to ask for at the grocery store?
  • What was his first job?
  • What did he use to do in the shirt shop?
  • What was his first business?
  • Where does he live now?
  • Why did he decide to start his own business?
  • How old was he when he left school?
  • Who is Amancio Ortega?
  • When did he open his first shop?

Circulate as the students are writing their questions to provide help and to make any necessary corrections. Then get the class into small groups of three of four students and have them read their questions to see if their peers can remember.


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