10 fingers

This zero prep activity works really well to practice present simple, present perfect or past simple tenses. This is how it goes:

Get all your students to form a big circle. If you have a large number of students, they can break into two or three circles. Then ask them to hold up their fingers in the air, as shown in the photo on top of the header. Let’s assume we would like to practice the present perfect tense. The first student says something that he/she has done, for instance: “I have been to Paris”. Any students who have never been to Pairs, will have to drop a finger. Next student may say: “I have cheated in exams”. Any students who have never cheated in exams will drop a finger and so on. The last student with a finger left wins.

Needless to say, students will have to try to come up with unusual things that they have done or usual things they have never done in order to try to win the game.

Tell your students that if they don’t know how to say something, you will help them. That way they can have a look at some off-the-cuff vocabulary on the side as well.

Have a look at this video. Here you can see a demonstration of two guys playing the game in pairs (which is also a good option). They ask each other questions in the present simple (“Do you have…?” / “Yes, I do” / “No, I don’t”).

Fun zero-prep activity to get your students on task.

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