summer series: three speaking activities

It’s time for another summer series. This time I will be focusing on speaking and here is a selection of three blog posts that have drawn a little bit of attention over the last couple of years. Click on the links for the full posts.

In speaking: from specific to general I argue how much more productive it is to think of very specific questions to encourage maximum student participation. In many instances these very specific questions will be associated with the students’ environment and to things that are relevant to their world. One can -and inevitably will- always fare from the specific to the general. A few examples are presented for reflection.

In the YARN approach I detail my own approach to speaking activities when using visuals as prompts for conversation. I came up with this acronym which stands for “You first!”, “Accuracy”, “Repetition”, “Not Interfering”. A practical example is presented where you can see how this plan unfolds.

In birthday party the students have… a birthday party. Instructions and key lexical items are gradually displayed on the board. If you have an interactive whiteboard or a screen and a projector, this idea will work a lot better. A few slides with ideas and vocabulary are provided but of course you can always adapt this to your teaching needs and language level.


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