summer series: three reading activities

Wrapping up the summer, this is the last post for the summer series before I start blogging again with new content. This time the focus is on reading activities. Once again, click on the links for the full posts.

In from reading passage to interview, students turn a reading passage into an interview. They read -and understand- a text and then get into pairs and play the roles of television presenter and guest on the TV show. They need to come up with an interview based on the content of the text with questions and answers. Different strategies are provided and also an example of how this activity might unfold with a sample reading passage from a textbook is also presented.

In now in theatres, students turn a reading passage into a movie trailer. A brilliant and engaging activity that your students would love. Again, an example with a sample text is presented to show how the activity might unfold.

In reading frenzy 1, students try to retrieve focal vocabulary from reading passages. The teacher writes this vocabulary on the board for the students to try to formulate full sentences ( also check reading frenzy 2. Here students will be writing questions whose answers will be found in the text).

Back in a couple of weeks. Auf wiedersehen, summer!

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