feeling good

Last week I made a wonderful new discovery while I was looking for podcasts to listen to for my daily commute to school. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon it but this is of little matter here. The podcast series in question is BBC Radio 4’s Soul Music, a series of programmes which averageContinue reading “feeling good”

the opposites game

What’s the opposite of “cold”? What’s the opposite of “expensive”? What’s the opposite of “buy”?  What’s the opposite of  “boy”? Many adjectives and verbs, and even some nouns, have clear opposites but what’s the opposite of “gun”? 

Keep It Simple Activities

My name is Daniel Martin. I am the author of several books for teachers and learners of English as a foreign language and a teacher trainer and speaker at international conferences. I can provide teacher training to your institution via Skype or on site. Here you will find a collection of useful and meaningful activitiesContinue reading “Keep It Simple Activities”

teaching language chunks

I love the little and unexpected detours that one sometimes takes from the planned lesson that we have in our notebook or/and in mind. I also love the feeling of being totally prepared and very much looking forward to steering off the path and embrace a golden opportunity to: a. bring on a useful expressionContinue reading “teaching language chunks”

conversation cards

This time I would like to share with you what I call a “vocabulary activation routine”. For starters, it activates vocabulary, as it is meant to revise vocabulary already seen in class in a spaced manner. Also, this isn’t simply “an activity”. It is a routine which is established to provide language practice and activationContinue reading “conversation cards”

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