countries for beginners

The draw for the Russia 2018 World Cup has been held and since many of our students will be building up excitement leading towards the tournament, I just imagined a lesson for beginners using the draw as a framework. The students will be practicing the pronunciation of countries and also trying to say things about those countries that they know how to in English, thus … Continue reading countries for beginners

the YARN approach

We all love using images in the classroom, whether it is to activate schemata (the background knowledge or experience of a situation or topic which creates expectations and helps interpretation or learning of similar contexts) as part of a more elaborate lesson or if the end goal is simply to talk about the picture itself . This is a short video from John Medina, molecular … Continue reading the YARN approach

now in theaters

This is mostly a pronunciation activity but it also deals with skimming for information in written texts and there are also elements of writing and group work with discussions conducted in English. Say you are halfway through your textbook. Divide your class into groups of 3-4 and tell the groups to choose a reading passage from the ones that they have read so far (or … Continue reading now in theaters