working with song lyrics: true or false

I am not a great fan of gap-filling tasks to go with songs. If what we are intending is to test understanding or train students’ ears, songs do not make the best listening material, as syllables are sometimes oddly lengthened to best suit the phrases. In addition, one has to deal with the actual “backgroundContinue reading “working with song lyrics: true or false”

songs: fill-in-gaps with a twist

This is one of my favourite song activities ever. It focuses on having a look at relevant vocabulary from a song by means of a dictation (again, with a twist), on having the students mingle and help each other with meaning and then doing your typical fill-in-gaps. Finally you may decide to allow time forContinue reading “songs: fill-in-gaps with a twist”

song: correct the lyrics

Songs are a double-edged weapon: on the one hand they are abundant and they are motivating language products so they are very inviting as classroom material. On the other hand, I personally feel most times they are used as fillers and they take up precious time that could be more wisely and productively spent onContinue reading “song: correct the lyrics”

whispering lyrics dictation

Are you familiar with whispering dictations, also known as Chinese whispers? In this type of dictations, students are arranged in a line one behind another or they are sitting in rows. Then the teacher shows a sentence to the student in front. This person has to whisper it to the student sitting or standing nextContinue reading “whispering lyrics dictation”

co-hyponyms in songs

A practically zero preparation way of reviewing vocabulary with your students is to compile a list of lexical items you would like to review (ten to fifteen seems to be a fine number) and then ask them to get a piece of paper and draw three columns in it headed: I know, Not sure andContinue reading “co-hyponyms in songs”