connotation in songs

I have been listening to Sting’s last album 44/876 quite a lot recently and there are two songs that have particularly called my attention as an English teacher/teacher trainer/materials writer. The first one is Crooked Tree, for which I wrote a blog post last week dealing with co-hyponyms and how that song presents itself wellContinue reading “connotation in songs”

a song lesson on plastic pollution

If you were to pick three things you really love in life, which three things would you pick? I would definitely pick English (including learning, teaching, training and writing), music and traveling in no specific order. Today I will be sharing with you the music hat that I wear sometimes in life. A few monthsContinue reading “a song lesson on plastic pollution”

articles in English

This morning I was watching the recorded plenary talk that Paul Seligson gave at IATEFL Chile 2016 whose title was Hooking English: using song lines to build on existing knowledge. There are many ideas in his talk that resonate with my vision and use of songs in the classroom. The novelty factor of playing aContinue reading “articles in English”