summer series: three vocabulary activities

Time to highlight three blog posts focusing on vocabulary revision, recycling and practice. Linguist David Wilkins (1972) wrote: “without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”. Let’s have a look at some of my favourite vocabulary activities. Once again, click on the links for the full posts. In dictation 1Continue reading “summer series: three vocabulary activities”

phrasal verbs 4

I typically kick off my lessons with a vocabulary review activity followed by a communicative goal to put the revised language into practice. As a big fan of dictations, I decided to try this activity out with my class of Upper-Intermediate students. A couple of days before they had completed an activity from the textbookContinue reading “phrasal verbs 4”

co-hyponyms in songs

A practically zero preparation way of reviewing vocabulary with your students is to compile a list of lexical items you would like to review (ten to fifteen seems to be a fine number) and then ask them to get a piece of paper and draw three columns in it headed: I know, Not sure andContinue reading “co-hyponyms in songs”

word challenge 2

Another word challenge actitivy that requires zero preparation from the teacher. You may also want to check out “word challenge 1“. Here the teacher will ask the students in the class to anticipate useful words and expressions on a new topic that will be discussed in class the following day. Let’s suppose that you areContinue reading “word challenge 2”